February 08, 2018

Star Trek Adventures - Voyages of the USS Black Sail

WARNING: If you intend to play adventures from "These Are the Voyages Vol. 1" stop reading now!

Back in the summer of 2017 preorders were announced for a new roleplaying game series called Star Trek Adventures, to be published by Modiphius. At the time I'd been playing with a regular group in a Dresden Files campaign and had just begun running my first Mutants and Masterminds 3E campaign as well. So when the Star Trek game was announced I was all over it and placed my order.

The materials showed up in early September but I didn't have a chance to actually play until a few weeks ago, shortly after the release of the free quickstart rules.  After some posting around on Meetup, I found a group willing to give things a go.

I ran the quickstart scenario for a group of 5 players and we had a great time. The rules definitely need a few reads through by whoever will be running the game as the task resolution, combat and the various actions available to the characters cover a lot of ground. Having done that, I was able to give everyone a quick run-down of their character sheets, do a couple examples of Task resolution, melee and ranged combat and get playing in about an hour. We were able to play the scenario in about 2 hours once we got started, but it certainly could have run longer if the players had done a little more exploring. They enjoyed the game enough that we put together a ship and crew of our own the following week.

NCC-4215, The USS Black Sail (Excelsior Class)

The USS Black Sail has been launched on her 5-year mission from Starbase 4 to an uncharted system in response to a pre-Federation distress call. On the surface the away team discovers wreckage of Romulan origin and rescue a lone human survivor. Although under the influence of a psychotropic growth on the planet's surface, it's discovered that he's the Armory Officer from the Starship Atlantis. The Atlantis was an NX-class vessel that served in the Earth-Romulan War and was presumed destroyed in the conflict...over 100 years ago!

January 14, 2018

First Western Canada DC Universe Miniatures Game Tourney Results!

On January 6th, 2018 several players from around Alberta gathered at Eastridge Sports Cards & Games to play in our very first DC Universe Miniatures Game tournament. We had 8 players registered to play and had a great day of games, pizza and fun!

Tournament Results & Crew Lists

8th Place: "Clipped Wings" (Charles)
Classic Superman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Black Canary, Hawkman, Hawkgirl

7th Place: "Earth 2" (Brad)
Classic Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, Batman (Ben Affleck)

6th Place: "Cuddly Bunny" (Micheal Hooper)
Doomsday, Superwoman, Power Ring, Johnny Quick, Ravager

5th Place: "Magic FTW" (Mike Davis)
Doctor Fate, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, BvS Superman

4th Place: "Ane Justice For All..." (James)
BvS Superman, Shazam, Doctor Fate, Wonder Woman

3rd Place: "Beastly and the Owl" (Marcel)
Darkseid, Atrocitus, Sinestro, Owlman

2nd Place: "JL-eh?" (Elton)
Darkseid, Parademon 1, Parademon 2, Parademon 3, Black Adam

1st Place: "Justice League Swamp" (Joshua)
Red Son Superman, Aquaman, Swamp Thing, Batman (Rebirth), Flash

Fellowship Voted: Mike Davis
Best Painted Voted: Joshua Paquette

Thanks so much to everyone who brought scenery and such wonderfully painted models.  Each of you helped make it a great event to continue growing our great community.

September 18, 2017

Batman Miniatures Game Tournament Recap - Sept 2, 2017

On Saturday Sept 2nd, 2017 we held the largest Batman Miniatures Game tournament to-date in Western Canada at Eastridge Sports Cards and Games in Calgary, Alberta. The turn-out was great with eight players registered, and each of them playing a different crew or team.

Games got underway at 11am, with a brief break for a pizza lunch. The tournament was played over three rounds. At the end of the third round players submitted their crew sheets so that I could tally up the Batmatch points to determine a winner. While I was doing that, the players submitted their votes for a fellowship prize. Additionally the players and shop staff submitted their selections for the best painted crew at the event.

Tournament Results and Crew Lists

8th Place: Black Mask - 342/$1500 (Rick)
Black Mask
Lt. Brandon
Anatoly w/ Backpack
Mule Goon x2
Mesh w/ Silencer
Goon 2 x2
GCPD Detective
Gotham Policeman
Gotham Policewoman

7th Place: Birds of Prey - 337/$100 (Mike D)
Black Canary
Poison Ivy (Classic)
Catwoman (Modern Age)
Katana (Suicide Squad)

6th Place: Teen Titans - 349/$500 (Shawn)
Kid Flash

5th Place: Joker - 348/$1800 (Marcel)
Joker (Jared Leto)
Stan the Eyeball Man w/ Ammo
Panda Man
Chencho w/ Antidote

4th Place: Riddler - 349/$1450 (Elton)
Quiz 1 w/ Ammo
Quiz 2
Bot MKI w/ Defense
Bot MKII w/ Fighter, Shock and Grapple

3rd Place: Batman - 350/$1700 (James)
Batman (Dark Knight Returns)
Bravo w/ Whistle, Ammo, Medpack and Handcuffs
Red Hood (Arkham Knight)

2nd Place: Green Arrow - 350/$1450 (Brad)
Oliver Queen w/ Command Centre Support
Kid Flash
Black Canary
Bravo w/ Grapple & Ammo
Agent O'Connell
Gotham Policeman
Spartan w/ Riot Gear

1st Place: Court of Owls - 344/$1450 (Mike H)
Benjamin Orchard
Strix w/ Tireless
Cobb w/ Stealth & Grapple Gun
Xiao w/ Ancient Weapon
1880 Talon w/ Claws and Tireless
Newhouse w/ Claws andTireless

Fellowship Voted: James
Best Painted Crew: Elton

We had a really great day of gaming in Gotham, and I'm extremely happy to have such a great community of players and friends to game with. I can't wait to host the DC Universe tournament coming up in January!

September 16, 2017

TMNT Profiles for the Batman Miniature Game

Well over a year ago I spent a little time trying to figure out the point formula for the Batman Miniatures Game. I had come up with a pretty close approximation and tried my hand at a few custom character profiles. I've only ever play-tested one of those, but in the three games we used it, the profile seemed pretty balanced. So I took what I learned and a few months later I came up with my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crew list!

I built this crew to be as versatile as possible, but unless I went the route of the Watchmen, I still had to stick within the established rank format. The profiles are just text; I never bothered to create proper card graphics to use. With the just-released 2nd Edition rules for the game, I might try my hand at creating some new format character cards for them.

If anyone does give them a try I'd love to hear your experience, thoughts and feedback.

April O’Neil (TMNT)
WP 4, STR 5+, MV 3, ATK 2, DEF 3, END 4, SPL 3
Informer, Runaway, Searcher
Rep = 15

Casey Jones (TMNT)
WP 5, STR 4+, MV 3, ATK 4, DEF 3, END 5, SPL 3
Cricket Bat (**,Heavy), Hockey Stick (*,Handy)
Adaptable, Goad, Hockey Gear, Obsessive, True Love: April O’Neil
Rep = 27

Splinter (TMNT)
WP 5, STR 5+, MV 2, ATK 2, DEF 3, END 4, SPL 3
Walking Stick (*,Reach)
Invaluable, Retractable Claws, Veteran
Together My Sons (3SC): Any Turtle within 30cm of Splinter and line of sight gains the Teamwork special trait. For each Turtle, Teamwork can be used with any other Turtle until the end of the round.
Rep = 41

Leonardo (TMNT)
WP 7, STR 4+, MV 3, ATK 4, DEF 5, END 7, SPL 3
Katana (BB,Handy/Sharp)
Shuriken (**,2,2,Throw/Short)
Deadly Strike w/ Katana, Martial Artist, Stealth, Tough Skin
Rep = 91/$100

Raphael (TMNT)
WP 7, STR 3+, MV 2, ATK 4, DEF 4, END 8, SPL 3
Sai (BB,Handy)
Martial Artist, Tough Skin, Sneak Attack, Undercover, Unpredictable
Rep = 76

Michaelangelo (TMNT)
Free Agent
WP 6, STR 4+, MV 4, ATK 4, DEF 4, END 6, SPL 3
Nunchaku (**,Handy/Crit:Stun)
Acrobat, Distract, Combo w/ Nunchaku, Martial Artist, Tough Skin
Rep = 65

Donatello (TMNT)
Free Agent
WP 6, STR 4+, MV 2, ATK 4, DEF 3, END 6, SPL 3
Bo (*,Protecting/Reach)
Shuriken (**,2,2,Throw/Short)
360 Strike w/ Bo, Martial Artist, Hacking, Lord of the Sewers, Tough Skin
Rep = 62 / $100

Miyamoto Usagi (TMNT)
Free Agent
WP 6, STR 4+, MV 4, ATK 3, DEF 5, END 5, SPL 3
Katana (BB,Handy/Sharp)
Acrobat, Bodyguard, Combo w/ Katana, Fast, Feint
Rep = 59

TMNT Equipment List: Any character with the TMNT affiliation may take up to 2 different pieces of equipment from the crew’s equipment list, regardless of rank.

0-2 $150 Mutagen (Titan Dose)
0-2 $100 Flashlight (Lantern)
0-2 $300 Grappling Hook (Batclaw)
0-2 $100 Extra Ammo
0-2 $150 Climbing Claws