November 30, 2016

Watchmen Model Review for BMG

I recently finished painting my Watchmen figures for the Batman Miniature Game from Knight Models and am excited about the results. They have been in progress since sometime in June and have only gotten one game in so far, but let's just talk about the models this time.

Rorschach was the first figure I completed. True to the movie, like all the Watchmen figures, he is a top-notch one piece model and was quick to finish.

Nite Owl is a really dynamic single piece model who proved very each to paint. He's also my favourite character visually from the movie.

The Comedian is where I stalled in my progress. Being largely black, it was a challenge to get enough colour and variation to be happy with. Additionally, I'm not sure if I clipped his cigar off when I was cleaning up the model or if it actually isn't there in the original cast. I wanted him to have one so I did a little experiment with a tiny chunk of paperclip. It ended up a touch on the big size, but works really well considering. I can hear Jeffrey Dean Morgan's bitter laugh when I look at this figure.

Ozymandias is another single piece cast and he works well with the dynamic purple and gold. The gold proved to be a bit of a challenge as it's a colour I don't use often. I do wish his pose was different, as I don't like the hands behind his back. That aside however, he looks great.

Silk Spectre II was the last model I finished and the one I was most concerned about. The details are very fine and I don't have great brush control. My fears were unfounded though, as she turned out extremely well and is a figure I'm very proud of. Gloss coat is something I use very sparingly and it looks great on her here.

Let's hope that the Watchmen will appear in the DC Universe Miniatures game sometime soon. If they do, I desperately hope that we'll see a Dr. Manhattan to finish out the line!

November 20, 2016

DC Universe Miniatures Game Rules Now Available

A few days ago Knight Models posted the rule book for the DC Universe Miniature Game for download. That in itself is exciting news for me, but even better was that it included several profile cards for existing models in their Batman range! Check out for all the characters and even some info about the latest FAQ for the Marvel game.

November 01, 2016

SuperFigs: Adder and Mystick

I always seem to have a few work-in-progress models on my table at any given time. Some of them tend to languish there for months (or years), but others will land and get finished right away. I'm not sure why that's the case, but that's how it goes.

These two models were in the 'months' range, along with a few others from the "SuperFigs" line (for SuperSystem) who've yet to see completion. While I was working on Hawkeye and Deadpool from Knight Models I did a bit of work on these two as they shared some common colours.

First up is the villain Adder. She's a member of one of the villain groups; I believe the League of Supervillains. I've got Blackbird and Saber Skull from the same team in the queue for this month.

The next one is Mystick. She's a free agent according to the profiles from 3rd edition. I'll have to sit down and do some conversions of their profiles into 4th edition. I've done a few other conversions in the past and they seemed to work out fairly well.

I'm sure I say it every time I post a figure from this line, but I really love them. They're characterful, one-piece poses that are extremely easy to paint and look great on the table. They fit nicely in scale with Knight Models and a lot of other comic-themed models and I'm always happy to get these on the table no matter what game it's for.

October 24, 2016

Knight Models: Deadpool & Hawkeye

I had some demos for the Marvel Universe Miniature game scheduled in early in October, so I wanted to put together a few teams with the figures I had. Due to the limited number of characters I actually had painted, I needed to finish up a few more to round out the teams.

Both of these figures are highly detailed, as I've come to expect from Knight Models. Neither one had much in the way of gap filling required. A bit of filing and cleanup you'd expect with any metal model, some super glue and primer and I was ready for paint.

I opted not to deviate from the studio colour schemes almost at all.

Deadpool is a versatile character for both heroic Superhuman and Mutant teams. He's effective at range and close combat, so he makes a good utility model to add to your team.

Although his "Bodyslide" ability is reactive, I'd suggest keeping Deadpool out of situations where you need to use it that way. One of my personal tactics is using it early to get him into combat with an opposing model in the first activation. If you're using Captain America, deploying Deadpool nearby to benefit from Cap's leadership will help ensure that you hit for solid damage right off the bat.

I was never a big fan of Hawkeye in the regular or Ultimate universes in the comics. I do enjoy Jeremey Renner's version of the character in the movies, but Hawkeye just feels like another archer to me. That said, this model is very high utility. I think he's currently the model with the highest number of red abilities, and he really has something for almost any situation.

You'll want to keep Hawkeye in a good position to shoot, but being careful to not take damage. He doesn't have a very long health track, and he starts to lose his effectiveness after a few hits. You really want him on the board as long as possible to make use of all those trick arrows!

I ended up using Iron Man, Hawkeye and Black Panther against Captain America, Wolverine and Black Widow. Deadpool will get some time on the table soon, but for now he's waiting impatiently.

The photos don't really do the miniatures justice. I'm not an amazing painter but I am very pleased with how well these guys turned out. However I was having a lot of trouble getting good photos today. They look much better in person!